Devon Conway, Hasan Ali, and others want to ‘steal’ Virat Kohli from India.

Virat Kohli enjoys immense popularity transcending borders due to his cricket journey.

A video shared by ICC features cricket players from New Zealand, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and England expressing their desire to "steal" Virat Kohli from Team India.

In the video, New Zealand's Devon Conway expresses his desire to steal Virat Kohli.

Bangladesh's Shakib Al Hasan, England's Harry Brook, and Pakistani players Hasan Ali and Haris Rauf all mention Virat Kohli as the player they would want to steal from Team India.

The players explain their choice by referring to Kohli as a "living legend" with a long cricket career and an impressive record of scoring.

Kohli's journey, from a passionate young player to a cricket maestro, has captured the hearts of millions.

His popularity extends beyond his own team, resonating with fellow cricketers from different countries.

The video highlights how Kohli's influence and skills have earned him admiration and respect worldwide.

The unanimous desire to "steal" Kohli showcases his iconic status in the world of cricket.