From Collapse to Triumph: Kohli and Rahul's Heroics

During India's ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 opener, they faced a batting collapse.

Virat Kohli and KL Rahul partnered with a record 139-run stand to rescue India from this dire situation.

Rahul, who typically opens, had to bat after keeping for a full 50 Overs in hot and humid conditions.

In a video by BCCI, Kohli and Rahul discussed their mindset during the challenging situation.

They emphasized the importance of playing conventionally and eradicating errors while rotating the strike.

They highlighted the contentment of knocking the ball around due to the low total, rather than focusing solely on runs or balls faced.

The physical challenges of the afternoon, transitioning into the evening, added to the pressure and fatigue.

Rahul was surprised by the quick fall of wickets and had to rush in to bat, following the dismissals of his teammates.Rahul's game plan was to initially play 

conservatively, like he does in Test cricket, to disrupt Australia's momentum, while Kohli balanced intent with caution in their partnership.