Siraj attributes Abdullah's wicket to meticulous planning.

Mohammed Siraj credited the wicket of Abdullah Shafique in the ICC World Cup 2023 match against Pakistan to a well-thought-out plan with captain Rohit Sharma.

Siraj described how he and Rohit Sharma collaborated on the plan, where he pitched the ball up instead of bowling a bouncer, catching Shafique off-guard.

He emphasized that Indian bowlers are thriving on each other's success, contributing to the team's strong bowling performances in all three World Cup matches.

The bowling unit's collective success is highlighted as a key factor, with every bowler contributing to building pressure and delivering dot balls.

Jasprit Bumrah's deliveries offer insights into which lines work best on the wicket, providing valuable information to the bowlers.

Siraj acknowledged having an off day after struggling against Pakistan openers but maintained his confidence in his abilities as a bowler.

He stressed the importance of self-belief and high confidence in his bowling performance, expressing determination to be a top bowler.

Siraj's confidence and self-backing were cited as crucial elements that played a role in his successful performance in the match.

The 29-year-old bowler maintained that a single bad match doesn't make him a bad bowler, and he remains focused on his skills and self-confidence.