Zainab Abbas Speaks Out: The ICC World Cup Controversy

Pakistani sports presenter Zainab Abbas, covering the ICC World Cup 2023 in India, left the country amid complaints about derogatory remarks against Hinduism.

Zainab broke her silence about the incident, expressing her gratitude for her sports presentation opportunities.

She clarified that she was not deported or asked to leave India but felt intimidated by the online reactions.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) refuted claims of deportation, stating she left due to "personal reasons."

Zainab was in Hyderabad, assigned to cover Pakistan's World Cup games, including the opener against the Netherlands on October 6.

A lawyer filed complaints against Zainab for alleged derogatory remarks, leading to the online backlash.

Zainab expressed her disappointment at the turn of events, as this event was special to her.

The incident sparked a debate on social media, with various reactions to Zainab's departure from India.

Zainab's departure was not linked to any official action but rather her personal decision.